I recently watched a trending video on Instagram that featured Davido saying that nobody supports him and that all he gets is just hate. I felt sad about his conclusions because his narrative in that video post was very far from the truth. Davido has millions of followers across the major social media platforms that many Hollywood stars can’t replicate. Months ago, he had a historic concert at the Famous O2 Arena in the United Kingdom that was sold out. So, the truth is that many Nigerians love him, me inclusive.

His silver spoon upbringing didn’t corrupt his quest to be the best in his chosen field of endeavour. I am so impressed with how he has developed his talent to a point whereby the rule is that he has hits in all his released albums. I am also very pleased with the way he supported his uncle during the last gubernatorial elections in Osun State. But most importantly, he is someone who has been a good custodian of his God given abilities.

His outburst reminded me of what happened during the classic Wimbledon 2019 final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. The crowd at the final were overwhelmingly in support of Federer. And nothing, the tennis world number one did, was good enough to sway the support they had for Federer. Djokovic had in the past expressed his frustration about this occurrence. He has complained about the disrespect he gets whenever he is playing against Federer. This is also an issue in the narrative between Ronaldo and Messi.

This same dynamic seems to be at play between Davido and Wizkid. From a shallow perspective, it seems that Wizkid enjoys more acceptance from Nigerians than Davido. It also seems that the sins of Wizkid are easily forgiven and even celebrated as against the case when Davido is concerned. If Wizkid releases a video like Fever where there is a romantic scene with an older woman, Tiwa Savage, it is acceptable, if Davido does a similar thing he gets boos.

I feel his frustration. There are many of us who have experienced similar treatments from those supposedly close to us, where they are biased in their judgement whenever their favourite is involved. Many have experienced this at home, among friends, in the workplace and even places of worship. In my days as a chorister, there are some members of the choir that can do no wrong. The lesser mortals among us then, which includes me, often get harsher punishment from the choir master than soloists and chorus leaders.

So, what can be done about this? These days I experience the Wizkid or Federer kind of treatment in most places I go. Hence, I have learned what generate each type of response from family, friends or colleagues. The truth is that the concept of unconditional love is a myth. Everything you love or like, there is a reason for it. If you say you don’t know why you love someone or something, you are not saying the truth, or you have not researched why you love them. We live in a world of actions and reactions and we all respond to stimuli. Loving someone is a response to something in them or about them.

Serena William is a good example to analyze this phenomenon. Years ago, crowds in many tournaments were often against her. The media was often on the outlook for negative stories about her. These days, she has essentially succeeded in changing this narrative. She is now appearing in magazine covers like a leading lady in Hollywood. She is everywhere and getting more positive reviews with only a few negatives. How did she do this?

She achieved this by proving naysayers wrong continually. The world called her masculine. She married a hot dude that is a multimillionaire and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. The world called her ugly, she became a fashion icon that has graced more cover pages of fashion magazines than many international runway models. The tennis establishment criticized her foray into other things that have nothing to do with tennis. She appeared in Forbes cover as one of the richest sport self-made millionaires. This is the way to go. Proving naysayers wrong is so satisfying. So, who are you? Have you suffered rejection? Have you been told you cannot amount to anything good or great? PROVE THEM WRONG!

onstage at the 2018 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Whether it is Davido who is saying nobody loves him or you out there that feel your brother or sister, or friend enjoys more acceptance or celebration than you, know that the ball is in your court. Like Serena, Ronaldo has done a similar thing, to a point where Argentines wished Ronaldo was an Argentine. Their greatest player, Diego Maradona has in the past expressed his preference for Ronaldo.

So, wherever and whoever you are, know, you can change your parents, siblings, colleagues or students narrative about yourself by continually developing yourself to be the best. This takes focusing on the things that are important like improving yourself continually the way Serena, Ronaldo and others like Tiger Woods, who have converted naysayers to yeahsayers.

Ata Ukuta – editor, www.towncryyers.com


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