The Nurumberg Paradox

The Nurumberg Paradox

The Nurumberg Paradox

-By Chukwudi Nwokoye

Many have come to condemn the heckling of the former Deputy Senate Speaker, who went to honor an Iri Ji Festival in Nuremberg, Germany. Many went ahead to make the case that Senator Ekweremadu was instrumental to securing the bail of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and that he has been speaking out in the senate about Igbo issues; and doesn’t deserve the treatment meted to him in faraway Germany.

To me, in as much as I had preferred that other feckless politicians especially the South East governors receive the treatment, but securing bail for Nnamdi Kanu is not an innoculation for wearing the Nig Coat of Arms to an Igbo/Biafra event, being taciturn when our people are killed by herdsmen in his own state.

DSP humiliation is a symptom of the disenchantment of our people about our feckless politicians. I like Ike Ekweremadu and it was unfortunate that it was him and not Obiano, Rochas, Orji Kalu, Igbokwe etc. You can only imagine how those others would be received.

Our people are funny. The same people that would tell you that getting Biafra is not the main thing, but making our political leaders accountable; are the same people condemning the act of holding the highest Igbo political leader ‘accountable’.

Why were these politicians elected in the first place if they can’t speak out for us? So how do you hold elected leaders accountable? I guess they would have anointed his head with snake oil for coming for to eat new yam in Germany when even Rev Fathers are killed in his state by fulani herdsmen?

Like I earlier said, throwing in as an excuse, the bailing of Nnamdi Kanu as an innoculation for criticisms or accountability is nonsense. They already made hay or cashed out the political benefits of Nnamdi Kanu bail.

What’s the need of helping to secure his bail if you fold your arms when python was dancing in Kanu’s house? What use was his bail when the army almost eliminated his family on the invitation of the south east politicians? What need of his bail if you turn back and have his IPOB proscribed? What’s the need of his bail if you stay taciturn while the south east is being decimated by the fulani herdsmen?

“What have you done for me lately” is the slogan now?

A Nigerian policeman stands guard as All Progressives Congress (APC) party supporters march towards the Independent National Electoral Commission Office in Port Harcourt during a demonstration calling for the cancellation of the presidential election in the Rivers State on March 29, 2015. Thousands of supporters of Nigeria’s main opposition party demonstrated in the southern state of Rivers, calling for the cancellation of elections locally because of alleged irregularities. AFP PHOTO / FLORIAN PLAUCHEUR (Photo by FLORIAN PLAUCHEUR / AFP)

This is a wake up call to our politicians who think that moving around with MOPOL in Nigeria carries over in foreign lands where the rule of law is paramount. Whether or not the people who hauled eggs or pebbles at Ekweremadu are arrested and even prosecuted, the message has been sent to those of them that run to Europe or America every now and then for even grocery. They are on notice that our people are highly disenchanted and restless about the state of affairs in our clime. It is time for the politicians to sit up and listen to the yearnings of our people.

In the words of the great Martin Luther King Jr., “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

The message is “do something” about the state of affairs of our people!


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